.:Float Up From Dream:.
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh
wgah'nagl fhtagn /\(;,;)/\

A perpetual nostalgia fiend and a pure Cinephile. Model. Lovecraft, Poe, Lynch and Green Tea enthusiast. Gifted with a sixth sense, and yellow eyes that see the world in a different light. I'm a self-proclaimed philosopher who enjoys the Occult, Surrealism, mellow atmospheres, oddities, New wave, Goth rock and 80's synth, geekery, literature, foreign films, knee-highs, anime, vibrant colors, incense, Japanese culture, and many more things grim.

I do not claim ownership over anything I've posted here unless stated otherwise.

…and I’m bottling up your soft, dream-like scent in my head. ♡ @dharlow90
It’s too late… 🌙😴
My #mcm this week and every week henceforth would have to be @dharlow90 . The Universe has bestowed to me the biggest blessing by allowing me to find such a wonderful soul to both heal me and to love me, and to allow me to do the same unto him.
So perf :’) 😭🍕🎮👏💖✨
Not sure how I’m alive. Guy ran a red light, going about 45 mph and I had just started going when the light turned green. The impact was so strong it knocked me over 4 lanes. Out of all the fatal bullets that I have dodged, this one being the main one, I feel like I am seriously destined for great things on this earth. I love you all.
Some behind the scenes shots from today’s shoot of Guardians of the Angels, which will unfortunately be discontinued due to our wonderful director taking a much bigger and important step in his career as an independent film director. As for me and the rest of the team we have created, we have much more in store for us! I can’t express how excited I am :)
General Fuzz is definitely one of my new favorites. Thanks #papadosio radio.✨ #generalfuzz
Lmfao yes 👏😂
Binx has claimed the windowsill as her designated chill spot.
This edit is quite eerie and hits close to home in a sense. Another au naturale shot.
Enjoy your mind trip, but don’t trip on your mind. You got three eyes. 👌👽🌞🌙⭐️🔮🍄
A year ago today, God granted you residence in his heaven, and the worlds of everyone who ever knew you were shattered. I don’t think you both realized how much you were so very deeply loved and cherished. Especially you, Andrew. And you still visit me in dreams and we just talk, and sometimes you tell me everything is alright, and I wish those moments would last forever. Nothing has been the same since you guys left. You were apart of the glue that held everyone together- your family was everyone’s rock. The kindest people that anyone has ever had the honor of meeting. But their light left them when you did, and I pray that a new light will be sent from you to grace and to heal them. You will forever be missed, my brothers. I love you. #andrewbohannon #matthewbohannon
Love this beautiful shot by the talented Josean Rosario at #GAAM last night 💕✨
#GAAM with this elven beauty! 💕@laurinaluv  (at The Museum and Gardens)
More Tinder humor. 😏👽